Hi! I'm David Hamilton-Smith. Thanks for visiting my site. Please have a look around.


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Composer, Lyricist, Producer,Engineer, Dubbing Mixer, Sound Supervisor and Writer.


Is there no beginning to this man's talent?

A Quick History

I started off my musical life in a band called "The Phantoms", which later became the even more dreadfully named "Pulsators"! Our first single, whose title "In Despair" aptly described our efforts, rocketed to obscurity. However, the experience of being in the studio excited me, and I determined that one day I would twiddle the knobs myself.



Creative, Reliable, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Professional (unfortunate acronym!).


I am very happy doing any stage of recording - from composing and writing lyrics, to over-dubbing, track-laying, editing and mixing - on a project, whether it is pure music, music-to-picture, or any genre of production or post roduction.


I have a great deal of experience. I also have a ProTools Studio with Voice Booth and Cubase Pro 8.


Please do not hesitate to call me to discuss your requirements

+44 (0) 7518 361 888 

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